Ongoing Specials

Monthly Frame Special

Each month, we will have a new frame style discounted. Check our Frames page for this month's discounted frame style. You can order unlimited quantities and unlimited sizes at the special price.

Natural-Beauty Portraits

Get your portraits taken by our sister company, Natural-Beauty Photography, and we will custom frame them for you. You'll receive 15% off our price just for the portraits having been taken by Natural-Beauty. No limit on the number or size of portraits you can have framed with this discount. This discount is in addition to most other current discounts.

Loyalty Discount

Get every 7th framing job for 1/2 price! No time frame requirements. The discount cannot exceed 10% of the total of the first 6 framing jobs. (ie. If the first 6 jobs average $100 each, we'll take 50% off of your 7th framing job up to $60 - 6 jobs x $100 x 10%). This discount is in addition to other current specials, but the value is determined by the end prices.